The name Radeas is derived from merging two words: radical ideas.  The purpose of Radeas Laboratories is to bring radical ideas in analytical testing to the clinical laboratory.  With our unique analytical methods and highly specific approach, Radeas aims to provide the best possible service to healthcare providers.  One way of doing this is by offering a method that is sensitive, selective, and efficient.


Radeas employs machinery and methods that can accurately detect medications in a patient’s system at extremely low levels.  There is no other clinical laboratory that we are aware of with the capability to report medications at lower levels.


The excellent specificity of the Radeas method allows us to discreetly determine metabolite levels as well as medication levels.  This provides an extra level of information to the doctors, allowing them to confirm with more certainty that a drug is present in a patient’s system


Many of the current laboratories can take days or weeks to return patient testing results to the healthcare provider.  Radeas consistently maintains a 1-day turnaround deadline.  Our efficiency allows doctors to increase and improve their patient care.