About Radeas

Company Story

Radeas was founded on the principles of establishing trust between patients and healthcare providers. Radeas is all about radical ideas – in fact, that is where the name originated. Radeas transforms ideas from radical to real by bringing analytical testing into the clinical laboratory. With innovative methods and a highly specific approach, Radeas aims to provide the best possible service to healthcare providers.

In 2013, Radeas began as a small toxicology lab, quickly rising through the ranks to become an industry leader with an unparalleled record of efficient, effective testing results.

Our services include clinical chemistry, toxicology, clinical labs, molecular diagnostics, PGx, SARS-CoV-2 and COVID variant testing.

We Deliver Comprehensive Clinical Solutions


We are all about quality and integrity. We utilize only the best minds and technology to bring you fast, accurate urinalysis results. Stop waiting for answers and start taking advantage of the resources Radeas can offer.

Clinical Labs

We offer a wide range of clinical lab solutions. Don’t stress over sending your samples to multiple laboratories. Let Radeas take the complexity out of the equation and simplify your process.

Infectious Disease Testing

As technology advances, Radeas is able to provide state of the art molecular testing for a variety of infectious diseases. Our industry leading turn-around time is exactly what your patients need for their infectious disease testing.

What You Can Expect

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It was really easy and quick. I called stating that I had been exposed and needed to be tested. I provided the information they requested. I was given the options to go to available locations. Once I selected the appointment, a confirmation text with code is sent. When you get to location the people are very friendly. They scan your code, give you your test. You take your test and give to someone at checkout and you just wait for your results Simple, quick and easy!!
- Pamela
Super quick and easy! No hassle, no getting out of the car. The instructions were very clear and we were able to follow those instructions seamlessly, and just turn on hazard lights and someone will come collect the sample! Hats off to everyone working there even during heavy rain!👏👏
- Aneri
“Easily the best COVID test process I’ve seen. They run it in parallel, not in series, so there’s never been a line. The digital sign-up and test results are seamless and the workers are friendly.”
- Derek
“To visit my 93 year-old father, his long term care facility requires to have frequent COVID tests. Radeas has been a life saver. Radeas’ employees are organized and the testing process is quick and free. My results always have come back within a day. Being able to plan visits with my father has been a godsend. Thank you Radeas and Wake County for making Radeas testing available.”
- Elizabeth
“Chick-fil-a style line. Fast service. Can’t recommend this enough. Great setup here!”
- Josh
“Very efficient process of queuing up folks for self testing. Even on a busy morning got thru in under 40 minutes. Also from out of town, so this spot left a good impression for my first testing with them! Thank you!”
- May
“The absolute easiest, fastest, and most accurate (PCR!) tests I’ve even heard of in the U.S. No ID, no payment, no insurance necessary; no questions asked. In and out of the testing parking lot in less than 5 minutes and get PCR results back in less than 8 hours. Thank you so much to Radeas for this amazing service.”
- Ethan